Getting Started with RapidMiner Studio

Below resources are available to help you get up and running quickly with RapidMiner Studio. Make sure to also download the data file and processes used in the videos so you can follow along. In the modules ‘importing data’ and ‘Data loading via process’ you will learn how to load the import the two types of files.

What is what in RapidMiner Studio

To better follow along the video tutorials download the example data and processes.

Resource Description Type/Duration
Importing Data Step by step instructions on how to import an excel sheet into RapidMiner Studio. 07:49
Data Loading via a Process See here how to load data in a more dynamic way and the import and export of processes. 05:43
Visualizing Data This video demonstrates how you can visualize the data to obtain greater insight. 07:30
Creating a Model Create your first decision tree model to predict who is likely to churn. 05:34
Applying the Model You will learn here how you can make your first prediction using RapidMiner. 07:21
Testing a Model This video introduces you to the topic of testing the accuracy of your predictions. 04:48
Validating a Model This document describes how to evaluate the performance of a model to ensure the best results. 08:10
Getting Started Glossary Contains quick descriptions of common RapidMiner Studio and data mining terms referenced in the above documents Website (text)
Repository Samples Additional exercises for familiarizing yourself with RapidMiner Studio (once you have completed this tutorial) Website (illustrated guide)