Installing RapidMiner Studio

Welcome to RapidMiner Studio, the easy-to-use visual environment for predictive analytics. With these simple instructions, in five minutes you will be building models and making predictions. No programming required.

Downloading RapidMiner Studio

Follow these instructions to download RapidMiner Studio:

  1. To download the application, go to the RapidMiner RapidMiner website.

  2. Click the Download button in the upper right corner.

  3. If you are already logged in, proceed to Step 4. Or, if you have previously created an account, log in now.

If you need to create an account, for downloading software or for accessing the RapidMiner technical support site, complete the registration and click SIGN-UP.

Immediately, the system sends an activation email to the address that you registered. (Allow email from RapidMiner if you do not see an email titled “Account Activation Required” in your inbox.) Click the link in the email to activate your account. Then, click either login or GO TO MY ACCOUNT.

  1. Click on your preferred operating system to begin the download. Your current operating system will be highlighted.

Installing RapidMiner Studio

When the download completes, install the software following the instructions appropriate to your platform. If you are upgrading RapidMiner Studio, make sure to quit the application before trying to install a new version.

Running the installation

Follow these simple instructions to run the launcher that installs RapidMiner Studio on Windows.

  1. Double-click the downloaded file (for example, rapidminer-studio-<version>-win64-install.exe).

  2. If prompted, allow the program to make changes to your computer. The RapidMiner Studio Setup Wizard appears. Click Next to continue.

  3. Read the terms of the license agreement and click I Agree to continue.

  4. Select a destination folder (or leave the default) and click Install. The wizard extracts and installs RapidMiner Studio. When the installation completes, click Next and then Finish to close the wizard.

  5. Open RapidMiner Studio using the shortcut in the Start menu or the desktop icon (both created during installation).

  6. Read the terms of the license agreement and click I Accept to continue.

Running the installation

To successfully install RapidMiner Studio on a Macintosh system, ensure that you are running Mac OS 10.8 or later. Then, follow these simple instructions:

  1. Double-click the downloaded file (for example, rapidminer-studio-osx-<version>.dmg).

  2. Drag RapidMiner to your Applications folder. If prompted to replace an older edition, select Replace.

  3. Read the terms of the license agreement and click I Accept to continue. RapidMiner Studio opens.

Linux prerequisites

The RapidMiner Studio installation package for Linux does not include a Java Runtime Environment. Before installing RapidMiner Studio, use the package manager of your distribution to install a version 7 JRE (unless it is already present with your operating system) and verify that the JAVA_HOME variable points to it or java (contained in the bin folder of your Java installation) is on the PATH.

Running the installation

Follow these simple instructions to install RapidMiner Studio on a Linux system:

  1. Double-click the downloaded zip file (for example, rapidminer-studio-<version>.zip). The extracted folder contains script files for different operating systems.

  2. Open a terminal window and run ./ from the directory containing the download.

  3. Read the terms of the license agreement and click I Accept to continue. RapidMiner Studio opens.

Getting started with RapidMiner Studio

RapidMiner Studio requires a license for operation. When you open it for the first time, a login screen prompts for your login credentials. Once logged in, if you have purchased a license, the system installs it based on those credentials. If you have not purchased a license, the system installs a 14-day trial of RapidMiner Studio Professional. (On expiration, the trial license is replaced by a free RapidMiner Studio Starter license that does not expire.)

RapidMiner Studio login screen

  1. Open RapidMiner Studio. The login screen appears:

  2. Enter your login credentials and click Login and Install. If you cannot access your account (for example, if RapidMiner is blocked by a firewall), your license cannot be automatically loaded. If this is the case, you can enter your license manually by clicking on the Enter a license key manually link.

To enter the key manually, you must first copy the key to your clipboard. When you purchase a license, RapidMiner sends a copy of the key to the registered email address. The key is also available from the website.

  1. Copy the key from:

    • the email you received containing the license.
    • the Licenses page. From the Licenses page, click View License Key next to the appropriate license to display the key.

  2. From the RapidMiner Studio login screen, click the Enter a license manually link.

  3. Paste your license key into the box. Note that the right-hand portion of the window populates with license information, including the edition and expiration.

  4. Click Submit and Activate.

Note: You can always open Help > Manage Licenses to view license details or edit your credentials. Once your installation is complete, you will use the Help menu to manage your license.

Follow these steps to enter a license manually from the Help menu within RapidMiner Studio.

Other options from the login screen:

Click This... To...
Reset Credentials Return to the login page with an option to change your password.
Exit RapidMiner Exit the installation and the program.

Finishing the installation

Once you install the license the Success screen appears, indicating your license expiration date.

Click Finish. You are prompted to restart RapidMiner Studio to complete the installation. If you choose to restart later, RapidMiner Studio still starts, but you have only 1GB available for use instead of the full 8GB that the trial version offers.

You are ready to be a hero. If this is your first time installing RapidMiner Studio, we recommend that you start with the tutorials to learn just how easy code-free can be. Happy mining!

More You Should Know

Just a few more tidbits relating to RapidMiner Studio...

Using the RapidMiner Marketplace

The RapidMiner Marketplace is your one-stop site to download and share extensions for RapidMiner Studio. Follow these steps for detailed instructions on accessing and using the RapidMiner Marketplace, or take a look at Marketplace here.

Moving the Start Script

By default, the RAPIDMINER_HOME variable is set to the folder location of the start script. If you leave the script within the installation folder (the most common method), the environment variable is set correctly. If you move the start script out of the installation folder, you must set the environment variable RAPIDMINER_HOME to the installation path of RapidMiner Studio. This allows RapidMiner to find its resource files.

Uninstalling or Re-installing RapidMiner Studio

At the first running of RapidMiner Studio, the software creates a .RapidMiner folder in your user home directory. RapidMiner Studio stores your personal settings and data (e.g., database connections) in this folder. If you ever need to completely remove RapidMiner or to discard all personal settings, simply delete this directory. Do not remove the directory if your RapidMiner Studio installation is damaged and you want to re-install it. By maintaining the .RapidMiner directory, your personal data will be kept in tact for the new installation.

To delete the .RapidMiner directory off of a Mac:

  1. Open Finder and from the pull-down menus select Go > Go to Folder. (Alternatively, use the keyboard shortcut Key shortcut.)

  2. In the resulting dialog, enter ~/.RapidMiner/ and click Go.

  3. From the pull-down menus, select View > as Columns to select the columns view. (Alternatively, use the keyboard shortcut Key shortcut.) The .RapidMiner folder is highlighted.

  4. Delete the folder (Move to Trash).