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High Availability

In a regular setup with a single RapidMiner Server instance, this particular instance is a single point of failure. If it goes down for internal or external reasons, all Studio clients connected to the Server instance will lose access to it. Furthermore users of the web UI of Server will no longer be able to work and potential operationalizations like web services will also no longer be available for potentially extended periods of time. Obviously that is not an acceptable state of affairs in certain scenarios, which is where high availability comes into play.

To fulfill such enterprise needs in mission critical environments, a certain uptime criteria has to be met. To achieve this, it is necessary to set up RapidMiner Server in a way that no single point of failure exists. This includes not only RapidMiner Server itself, but also other infrastructure elements like the database, load balancers, and other overall network setup elements.

This article will focus on a (manual) cold swap failover setup. Please refer to the topics below for more information about: