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Creating your Own Extension

You have probably already installed RapidMiner Studio and played around with the enormous set of operators.

And maybe in that learning, even with the huge number of functions provided by RapidMiner, you have stumbled on a problem that is unsolvable or only solvable with what seems to be a too-complex process. Don't despair! You can build your own extension to RapidMiner, providing new operators and new data objects and still have all the functionality of RapidMiner.

To create your own extension, it is best to go through the step-by-step guide:

  1. Set up your development environment
  2. Individualize the extension template
  3. Create your own operator
  4. Use input and output ports
  5. Use operator parameters
  6. Document the behavior of your operator
  7. Finally, publish your extension on the Marketplace

To create more advanced enhancements to RapidMiner, the Advanced Enhancements section describes how to:

  • Build a super operator
  • Create your own data objects
  • Make custom configurators
  • Create custom graphical elements and individualize the Preferences dialog

Get the PDF

How to Extend RapidMiner This guide helps you implement your own RapidMiner extensions with step-by-step explanations of everything you need to know—from building your own operators to designing user interface components. When you are ready, try the tutorial for some hands-on practice.