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What's new in RapidMiner AI Hub 9.9

Dear RapidMiner User,

The focus for this release has been on advancing deep learning capabilities, improving collaboration and deployment capabilities for our users who prefer to code, and greatly improving the performance of our data core. We also caught up with supporting some new Hadoop versions in Radoop.

Enhancements to Real-time Scoring Agent

Edge computing requires continuous processing of data without relying on external triggers. So we have added the option to run the real time scoring in a continuous mode.

Also we ensure that deployment process becomes more flexible wrt what can be deployed and how a deployment is created. We have created a GUI based approach to create deployments from Projects which is possible from projects which removes previous limitations to file types available within deployments.

If you click on 'Create Deployment' you can configure your deployment file.

Enhancements and bug fixes