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What's new in RapidMiner Radoop 9.9

More connectivity improvements for enterprises, and support for some of the latest and greatest Hadoop versions in this release of RapidMiner Radoop.

Newly supported Hadoop versions

With this release we introduce support to Cloudera CDP Private Cloud Base (version 7.1.x) and Azure HDInsight version 4.0. We recommend using our Connection Import Wizard when setting up connections to these clusters, as there is a great deal of autodiscovery in place to make the connection set-up as seamless as possible. Check out our distribution notes for more details on installation and configuration.

Radoop Proxy coverage for secure clusters

With the previous version, Radoop Proxy introduced support for all cluster traffic for non-secure clusters. With this version, we now also include KDC traffic, meaning kerberized clusters can be fully accessed via Radoop Proxy by opening a single pinhole on the enterprise firewall. With this improvement we now fully cover enterprise grade connectivity between RapidMiner Radoop and Hadoop clusters.

Note: KDC traffic needs to be TCP based in order to get routed properly through Radoop Proxy.

Further connection import improvements

The connection import wizard can autodiscover Spark configuration on the cluster side and replicate it in your Radoop connection. We also added a Clear DNS button to the Manage Radoop Connections UI which is helpful for those users who have to manage multiple isolated clusters which share the same private DNS domain.

Full list of enhancements and bug fixes