Frequently Asked Questions

What is RapidMiner Cloud?

RapidMiner Cloud delivers on-demand compute power via the cloud and accessibility to your analytic models anywhere.

  • Model Execution

    Build and execute analytic processes in the cloud on a RapidMiner execution engine (RAM size is dependent on your license). By pushing the execution of your analytic processes into the cloud, you free up your local machine and can also run multiple processes concurrently.

  • Cloud Repository

    Save your analytic processes in the cloud for fast, easy access to them from anywhere. The repository includes license-based amounts of storage that can be used to save your data, analytic processes, and modeling results.

Who can use RapidMiner Cloud?

RapidMiner Cloud is available to RapidMiner Studio users. Users of the RapidMiner Studio Free edition can purchase a subscription for additional resource availability.

How do payments work?

To purchase additional credits or a paid subscription, we accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. Subscription fees are billed monthly to the designated credit card. Execution credit purchases are billed upon submission.

If there is a problem during a credit purchase, your account will be placed on hold until the credit processing issue is resolved. After 30 days, if the problem hasn’t been resolved, your account will automatically be cancelled resulting in the loss of any unused credits as well as data that has been stored in the repository. If there is a problems during a credit purchase, credits will not be added to the account.

What happens if my process runs out of credits while executing?

When you push execution of your analytic process to the cloud, you can set a limit to govern the maximum time your process can run. Credits are a measure of processing time, measured per-minute based on the hardware size employed. Therefore, by limiting time spent you are, by extension, controlling the maximum credits you’re willing to spend on executing the process.

When your process is about to run out of credits, you will receive an email notification warning you that the credits are nearly used up. If you purchase additional credits the process will continue to execute (up to your self-imposed limit, if applicable). If your process runs out of credits, it will terminate unsuccessfully and report the number of credits consumed and the length of execution time.

Do I need a new version of RapidMiner Studio to use RapidMiner Cloud?

RapidMiner Cloud is supported in RapidMiner Studio version 7.2 and later.

How do I get my data to the cloud?

Use the standard RapidMiner Studio data import capability to load your data into your RapidMiner Cloud repository.

Is my data private or public?

Your data is completely private. It is only visible to you and we never leave traces of it on our networks or remote execution servers. Your data is uploaded via SSL and is stored on a private network. Any cloud connector or database connection credentials are encrypted with a key specific to your RapidMiner license. Data sent to our servers for remote process execution is never stored.

Where is my data physically stored?

Your data is stored on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Do I have to buy RapidMiner Studio to use RapidMiner Cloud?

No. RapidMiner Studio Free edition provides access to RapidMiner Cloud.

Which RapidMiner operators and extensions are supported?

All the RapidMiner core operators are supported except Execute Script and Execute Program. Supported extensions are:

  • Mozenda Connector
  • NoSQL Connectors
  • Parallel Processing
  • PMML
  • Qlik Connector
  • Reporting
  • Series
  • Solr Connector
  • Splunk Connector
  • Text Processing
  • Web Mining
  • Weka
  • Wordnet

Where can I put my database so I can use it with RapidMiner Cloud?

You can put a database any place that is visible and accessible via the Internet.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your RapidMiner Cloud paid subscription by logging into your account at any time. Cancellation becomes effective at the end of the billing cycle. That is, partial refunds are not available for subscriptions cancelled during the monthly billing cycle. Upon cancellation, any available execution credits associated with the subscription are forfeited. There are cases where refunds for credits are available.

How do I request a refund of execution credits?

Prior to canceling a subscription, you can request a refund of unused execution credits by contacting us via email at Only credits purchased are eligible for refund; monthly credits granted as part of the subscription (200 for Cloud Professional users and 100 for Cloud Community users) are not refundable. Condition for refunding unused credits require that the credits were not received as part of a promotion and that they were purchased within the last 90 days.

RapidMiner reserves the right to refuse a refund request if:

  • the refund policy is being misused
  • you are in breach of the Terms of Services agreement
  • RapidMiner suspects that RapidMiner Cloud is being used fraudulently or that a third-party is using the account fraudulently

Refunds are issued in the same form and to the same entity as the original payment.

Can I put my subscription on hold?

No. At this time, paid accounts cannot be suspended or placed on hold.

If I have problems with RapidMiner Cloud, how do I get help?

Assistance is available through the RapidMiner support system. All members of the RapidMiner community can post questions to the Q&As. Additionally, RapidMiner Studio Small, Medium, and Large users have Enterprise support, which allows emailing questions or opening cases for a dedicated response. Access the RapidMiner support system at: