Editing RapidMiner Cloud Preferences

RapidMiner Cloud preferences are accessed from the general RapidMiner Studio preferences dialog. To modify your preferences:

  1. Open the Cloud menu.

  2. Click on cloud_disconnect Configure RapidMiner Cloud Preferences. The Cloud tab of the RapidMiner Studio preferences opens.

  3. Modify your RapidMiner Cloud preferences as desired:

    Preference Value Default
    Email notification Choose to receive email:
    • always: when a RapidMiner Cloud process terminates (completes successfully, is cancelled, fails on error, runs out of credits)
    • on error: when a RapidMiner Cloud process terminates on error (email includes details and log information)
    • never: do not receive process-related emails
    Default maximum process execution time Specifies, in hours, the default maximum runtime of a process in the RapidMiner Cloud. When a process execution exceeds this time limit, it is cancelled, regardless of state. Maximum runtime for an individual process can be set in the execution confirmation dialog. 12 hours