Monitoring Cloud Processes and Retrieving Results

Upon submitting a RapidMiner process to the cloud, the New Cloud Monitor panel opens. It lists, ordered by submission time, all running and terminated processes.

Although the Cloud Monitor panel opens automatically when you submit a job, you can also manually open the panel:

  1. Open the Cloud menu.

  2. Select Cloud Show Cloud Monitor.

  3. Alternatively, as with any RapidMiner Studio panel, you can open the monitor from the View menu by selecting Show Panel > Cloud Monitor.

Displaying additional process details

By default, the Cloud Monitor panel displays only the most important information about the processes submitted to the RapidMiner Cloud. This includes the process state, execution time, and results. However, to display additional information, you can expand an entry by clicking it.

Retrieving process results

Once your RapidMiner Cloud process execution completes successfully (as indicated by the ok icon), you can retrieve the process results:

  1. Click on the process details of the executed process to expand.

  2. Click on a process result name (the results are repository entries). Results are named as defined in the process context. If not defined, process results are placed in a system-created folder named <Process name – date and time> .

    Note that results of processes are only shown in the Cloud Monitor panel if the result ports of the process are connected.

  3. The result is displayed in the Results perspective.

Note that results stored via operators like Store are not listed in the process details, but can be found in the defined repository location.

Opening a process

You can open a RapidMiner Cloud process from within the Cloud repository browser, just as you open processes stored in your Local repository. Or, you can open a process that has completed RapidMiner Cloud execution from the Cloud Monitor panel. Note, however, that processes are not versioned. In other words, RapidMiner always opens the latest version of the process, which is not necessarily the version that was executed.

To open a process, click on the open folder symbol. You can then edit your process in the Process panel.

Viewing the process log

You can view the log file of a completed or terminated RapidMiner Cloud process:

  1. In the Cloud Monitor panel, click on the log Log symbol on the far right of the process row. The corresponding log file opens in the Log panel.

  2. You can switch between the different process logs and the main RapidMiner Studio log by clicking on the log drop-down list on the far right of the Log panel toolbar.

Stopping a pending or running process

You can stop a pending or running RapidMiner Cloud process at any time:

  1. In the Cloud Monitor panel, click the stop Stop button on the far right of the process row:


Filters within the Cloud Monitor panel allow you to modify the display. You can filter by:

  • Name: Enter a string in the Filter field to return results matching that process name and/or location.
  • State: Select one of the state buttons to list only those processes matching that state:

    • log running processes
    • check successfully completed processes
    • error processes that terminated with an error

If process execution fails, you can expand the entry to see a short description of the cause. Check the submission in the Log panel, also, for any further information.

That's it. You can modify your preferences or purchase additional credits, but welcome to the cloud!