RapidMiner Server on Microsoft Azure


From the link below, you can start a RapidMiner Server Virtual Machine, either via a pay-as-you-go plan or via a bring-your-own-license (BYOL) plan.

For details of the installation, continue reading.

The RapidMiner Server Virtual Machine

Please follow these steps to start a RapidMiner Server Azure Virtual Machine:

  1. Log in to your Azure account and go to your Azure Portal Dashboard.
  2. Click on the Virtual Machines in the left menu and select the Add button.
  3. Search for "RapidMiner" in the Images
  4. Select the required version of the Image
  5. Continue with the Create Virtual Machine Wizard by adding the name of the Virtual Machine. Enter your user name and SSH credentials and select (or create a new) Resource Group, where your Virtual Machine will be created.
  6. Choose an instance size. We recommend using at least 7 Gb of RAM for RapidMiner Server.
  7. Configure the Instance Details by selecting the networking parameters. Make sure you enable public IP or consult your network administrator about your networking configuration. Check the Security group settings and ensure that ports 8080 and 1081 are open for RapidMiner Server and 22 for SSH.
  8. Finally review and purchase your virtual machine.

Log in to RapidMiner Server

After the virtual machine is ready, continue with the following steps:

  1. Using a browser connect to the virtual machine's port 8080. (e.g. http://public.ip:8080) or consult your network administrator about how to access your instance.
  2. Check your virtual machine's name on the Azure Portal.
  3. On the login screen please use the username admin and use the name of your virtual machine as password.
  4. If you chose a pay-as-you-go AMI, that’s all you need to do. You can already connect to it from a browser or from your RapidMiner Studio. If you chose a bring-your-own-license AMI, then you’ll be presented with a page where you need to paste your license. After that, you’ll need to restart the VM.

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