Docker images for RapidMiner init

This container is a helper tool which initalizes the RapidMiner Platform deployment, automates various provisioning tasks, by encapsulating advanced tools that are only available at the beginning of the deployment. This ensures a clean and secure way of operation.

For available versions, please see the tags on Docker Hub.

This container only runs in the initialization phase of the deployment, and in case certain reconfiguration tasks are being carried out. Once it finishes its job, the container will shut down and will not be restarted.


  • Volumes:
    • The .env and docker-compose.yml files are mounted as bind mounts. The latter should be mounted read-only, but the former is manipulated extensively by the container.
    • deployed-services-vol: docker volume to list installed components in the platform, maps internally to /rapidminer/deployed-services/. Should not be changed. Provisioning will be done based on this.
    • keycloak-admin-cli-vol: docker volume that contains the KeyCloak command line interface, which is used for initial provisioning of Identity and Security configuration. Maps internally to /root/.keycloak/. Should not be changed.
  • Ports: none.
  • Environment variables: none.