Docker images for RapidMiner Landing Page

This container implements the RapidMiner Landing Page, which serves as the entry point to all users and administrators after login, providing easy access to all features. This container also implements the Token Generator, depending on environment variable inputs (see below).

For available versions, please see the tags on Docker Hub.


  • Volumes:
    • deployed-services-vol: docker volume to list installed components in the platform, maps internally to /rapidminer/deployed-services/. Should not be changed.
    • rm-landing-page-vol: docker volume that persists session revocation information, needed for Single Log-Out functionality. Maps internally to /var/www/html/uploaded/. Should not be changed.
  • Ports: none.
  • Environment variables:
    • SSO_PUBLIC_URL, SSO_IDP_REALM, SSO_CLIENT_ID, SSO_CLIENT_SECRET: RapidMiner Identity and Security configuration. Filled automatically by the init service.
    • DEBUG: defaults to false.
    • PUBLIC_URL: the public URL of the deployment.
    • CUSTOM_CONTENT: set it to get-token to use the container as the Token Generator.
    • CUSTOM_URL_SUFFIX: the URL suffix where the service will be available.
    • SSO_CUSTOM_SCOPE: additional custom scope information needed for Token Generator. Should not be changed.