Docker images for RapidMiner Platform Admin

This container implements the RapidMiner Platform Admin, which administrators can use to manage Python environments and Real-Time Scoring deployments.

For available versions, please see the tags on Docker Hub.


  • Volumes:
    • platform-admin-uploaded-vol: docker volume to persist uploaded Python environment descriptors and scoring deployments, maps internally to /var/www/html/uploaded/.
  • Ports: none.
  • Environment variables:
    • PA_URL_SUFFIX: the URL suffix where Platform Admin will be served. The RapidMiner Proxy will redirect requests arriving to this suffix to the Platform Admin backend service.
    • RTS_SCORING_URL_SUFFIX, RTS_SCORING_BACKEND: the URL suffix and internal address of the Real-Time Scoring Agent component.
    • SSO_PUBLIC_URL, SSO_IDP_REALM, SSO_CLIENT_ID, SSO_CLIENT_SECRET: RapidMiner Identity and Security configuration. Filled automatically by the init service.
    • PA_DISABLE_PYTHON, PA_DISABLE_RTS: used to disable Python environment management or Scoring deployment management functionality of Platform Admin, if needed.
    • DEBUG: defaults to false.