Install and Upgrade Extensions

Your RapidMiner Server and Job Agents in your platform deployment are shipped with a few pre-installed RapidMiner extensions:

  • Python Scripting
  • Radoop
  • Text Mining

If you need additional extensions installed on your Server and Job Agents, or you wish to upgrade an existing extension, follow the steps below based on your deployment type.

The pre-installed extensions listed above will get automatically upgraded when you upgrade your Server and Job Agent containers. See the upgrade instructions for more details.

Single Machine Deployments

When using a single machine deployment and either docker-compose or our cloud images, follow these steps to install or upgrade your extensions:

  1. Download the extension JAR file from the RapidMiner Marketplace and copy it to your host machine by using e.g. scp
  2. Open a secure terminal to your host machine
  3. Retrieve the container ID of your RapidMiner Server container by issuing docker ps. Note the ID of the container which runs the rapidminer-server image.
  4. Copy the extension JAR file to the RapidMiner Server container by issuing docker cp <path/to/extension.jar> <containerID>:/persistent-rapidminer-home/resources/extensions/
  5. Restart RapidMiner Server by issuing docker-compose restart rm-server-svc. The extension will be synced automatically to all Job Agents.