Install Docker

If you are unfamiliar with Docker, you may believe that Docker will make your life more complicated. The truth is quite the opposite. Learn just a little about Docker, and you can easily deploy RapidMiner AI Hub, with all its integrated services, via a pre-configured docker-compose template.

Three easy steps, and you're done: Docker does the rest!

  1. Ready -- For production purposes, you should install Docker on server hardware (or in the cloud), but you can experiment on your laptop. Install Docker Engine

  2. Set -- Depending on your needs, create a set of profiles for your RapidMiner AI Hub. These profiles are pre-configured to work out of the box, but you can modify them to suit your preferences.

  3. Go! -- Follow the detailed instructions, and execute the docker-compose commands.

  4. Docker automagically downloads the images you need, and starts RapidMiner AI Hub.