What's New in RapidMiner AI Hub 9.9.0?

Released: March 24th, 2021

The following describes the enhancements and bug fixes in RapidMiner Server 9.9.0:


  • Add endpoints for permissions delete for queues and repositories (admin)
  • Added mechanism for continuous execution of deployments for the RTSA
    • Use continuous=<boolean> in the deployment configuration to enable or disable continuous mode, default is false
    • Use sleep=<long> in the deployment configuration to define a delay in milliseconds between the executions, default is 1
    • Use order=<long> in an endpoint definition of the deployment configuration to define an execution order of the endpoints
  • Improved UI session JWT renewal tolerance
  • Improved permission response for disallowed project access
  • Improved response for project content upload
  • Changed default proxy mode to Direct (no proxy) for RTSA and JA
  • Used logarithmic y-axis for process execution metrics on dashboard page
  • RTSA is now compatible with new Studio Core file formats
  • Added API and UI for RTSA deployments creation within projects
  • Added API for process compatibility check within projects
  • Added a sample connection to the sample-dev project if created from scratch
  • Added a dialog when downloading project folders from the Project Contents tab


  • Fixed old non-LFS enabled projects to not serve files correctly
  • Fixed redundant evaluation of existing cron expression in edit schedule modal
  • Fixed wrong property being exposed in the agent.properties file for useLfsLightweight by providing a migration to the correct property name
  • Fixed process scheduling via context menu in projects by normalizing the repository location
  • Fixed RTSA not correctly using AI Hub/Server license. You now need to add scoring-agent.enableServerLicense (defaults to false) to use an AI Hub/Server license in the RTSA
  • Fixed admin not permitted to download snapshots or folders of Projects properly