RapidMiner Real-Time Scoring

RapidMiner Real-Time Scoring is an add-on product to RapidMiner Server designed for fast scoring use cases via web services. Its components are called Scoring Agents. They have a minimal memory footprint and fast response times. Each Scoring Agent requires a separate license.

Scoring Agents can be used as web services and serve pre-defined deployments which can run anywhere, even on Edge devices as long as those support the minimum system requirements.

Once you have designed your process in RapidMiner Studio, trained it, and validated it, it's the moment to put it to work and use it to predict something.

Although the word "scoring" is often used in risk management, any process can be deployed in the Scoring Agent, and should be deployed in the Scoring Agent if the emphasis is on a web application with high throughput -- fast predictions and low latency.

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The complete REST API documentation of the Scoring Agent is available as OpenApi 3.0 specification and is published on SwaggerHub.