Deploy RapidMiner Real-Time Scoring

The RapidMiner Real-Time Scoring can be installed as a standalone Docker image, as part of a docker-compose-based deployment, or using Kubernetes. Alternatively, go to your favorite cloud provider, and start a virtual machine based on our public virtual machine images.

Deployment architecture patterns

We provide the following two different deployment architectures patterns

Single container-based deployment for experts

The single container-based deployment contains only the scoring agent without any operational and management extensions. The Real-Time Scoring Agent Container can be started using a simple docker run command and used similar to the standalone installation.

Multi-container-based deployment

The multi-container-based deployment contains multiple components that solves operations and management tasks and offers a well-integrated solution.


  • Reverse proxy container: to improve security and split the webui and scoring traffic
  • Web UI container for management and opatations tasks (e.g. security, deployment, license)
  • Cron container: for background operations and container management
  • Real-Time Scoring container for running the scoring agent application

This multi-container-based deployment is described using the proposed docker-compose deplyoment method, kubernetes deplyoment method and also this architecture is implemented in the cloud images.

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