Table of system settings for RapidMiner Scoring Agent

This table gives an overview over all properties which can be set via environment variables

This application is a Spring Boot application and therefore those property values can be also applied, e.g. SPRING_APPLICATION_NAME=Test would change the Spring's application name to Test.

Other properties not listed here should not be changed and have reasonable defaults.

Property Default Description
SCORING_AGENT_BASE_DIR /scoring-agent (docker image) The base directory of the Scoring Agent, other directory paths are derived from this base directory.
SCORING_AGENT_HOME_DIR $baseDir/home The Scoring Agent's home directory
SCORING_AGENT_TMP_DIR $homeDir/tmp or tmp/global (docker image) The directory for temporary files.
SCORING_AGENT_GLOBAL_TMP_DIR /scoring-agent/home/tmp/global (docker image) The default temp dir of the scoring agent
SCORING_AGENT_UPLOAD_DIR $tmpDir/uploads The upload directory during deployment creation
SCORING_AGENT_RUNTIME_DIR $tmpDir/runtime The runtime directory during deployment creation
SCORING_AGENT_DEPLOYMENT_DIR $homeDir/deployments The persistent directory for deployments
SCORING_AGENT_RAPIDMINER_CONFIG_DIR $homeDir/config RapidMiner's config directory
SCORING_AGENT_RAPIDMINER_USER_DIR $homeDir/config/rapidminer RapidMiner's user directory
SCORING_AGENT_RAPIDMINER_EXTENSION_DIR $homeDir/resources/extensions Directory for additional extensions
SCORING_AGENT_RAPIDMINER_PLUGIN_DIR $baseDir/lib/plugins RapidMiner's bundled extensions directory
SCORING_AGENT_REGISTER_DEFAULT_SYMMETRIC_ENCRYPTION_CONTEXT_ENABLED false Allows to register a RapidMiner Studio encryption context with default name)
SCORING_AGENT_REGISTER_DEFAULT_SYMMETRIC_ENCRYPTION_CONTEXT_KEY_LOCATION ${SCORING_AGENT_RAPIDMINER_USER_DIR}/.RapidMiner/encryption/symmetric/default-local-context.rmek Location to the RapidMiner Studio encryption key file
SCORING_AGENT_CACHE_REPOSITORY_ENABLED true If cache of already retrieved objects during process execution is enabled
SCORING_AGENT_CACHE_REPOSITORY_CLEAR_ON_COLLECTION true References or the actual objects are retrieved and managed by the cache
SCORING_AGENT_CACHE_REPOSITORY_MAXIMUM_SIZE 50 Maximum size of the cache (entries)
SCORING_AGENT_CACHE_REPOSITORY_ACCESS_EXPIRATION 3600000 Maximum age in milliseconds of entries held in the cache
SCORING_AGENT_CACHE_REPOSITORY_COPY_CACHED_IOOBJECTS true If e.g. Models should be copied in-memory during execution (recommended)
SCORING_AGENT_CORS_PATH_PATTERN CORS related setting what to protect, blank means all
SCORING_AGENT_REST_CONTEXT_PATH /api The context path under which all REST endpoints are reachable
SCORING_AGENT_ENABLE_SERVER_LICENSE false If enabled, RTS will look for valid Server instead of RTS licenses
SCORING_AGENT_MAX_UPLOAD_SIZE 200MB Maximum upload size for deployment size and request data
SCORING_AGENT_TASK_SCHEDULER_POOL_SIZE 10 Pool size of the application
SCORING_AGENT_TASK_SCHEDULER_THREAD_PRIORITY 5 Thread priority size of the application
SCORING_AGENT_EXECUTION_CLEANUP_ENABLED false Enables the execution cleanup scheduler
SCORING_AGENT_EXECUTION_CLEANUP_CRON_EXPRESSION 0 0 0-6 ? * * * The cron expression for the cleanup scheduler
SCORING_AGENT_EXECUTION_CLEANUP_TIMEOUT 10000 The scheduler will wait for running jobs to finish until the timeout is reached
SCORING_AGENT_EXECUTION_CLEANUP_WAIT_BETWEEN 1000 The busy waiting interval for running jobs
SCORING_AGENT_AUDIT_ENABLED false If audit is enabled to see additional information about user changes
SPRING_SECURITY_OAUTH2_RESOURCESERVER_JWT_ISSUER_URI http://localhost:8081/realms/AIHub If you enable the oauth2 profile, this is required. The uri of the authorization entity
SPRING_SECURITY_OAUTH2_RESOURCESERVER_RESOURCEID rapidminer-scoring-agent If you enable the oauth2 profile, this is required. The default audience id for token validation
SPRING_SECURITY_USER_NAME rapidminer Only available with the basic profile
SPRING_SECURITY_USER_PASSWORD rapidminer Only available with the basic profile
SPRING_SECURITY_BASIC_ENABLED true Only available with the basic profile
SPRING_SECURITY_BASIC_AUTHORIZE_MODE authenticated Only available with the basic profile
SPRING_SECURITY_BASIC_PATH /** Only available with the basic profile, protects all endpoints by default
SCORING_AGENT_AUTH_REALM AIHub The realm to use for Keycloak
SCORING_AGENT_AUTH_SERVICE_CLIENT_ID aihub-scoringagent The Keycloak client id
SCORING_AGENT_AUTH_SERVICE_CLIENT_SECRET The secret for the configured Keycloak client
SCORING_AGENT_LICENSE_AGENT_PROXY_URL The URL the License Agent will use to report to
SCORING_AGENT_LICENSE_AGENT_PROXY_CONNECTION_TIMEOUT 30 The connection timeout to the proxy used by the License Agent
SCORING_AGENT_LICENSE_AGENT_PROXY_RESPONSE_TIMEOUT 30 The response timeout to the proxy used by the License Agent
SCORING_AGENT_LICENSE_AGENT_MACHINE_ID The applications machine id, must be unique across different host machines, but can be identical for applications running on the same host
SCORING_AGENT_LICENSE_AGENT_APPLICATION_NAME Scoring Agent The application name the License Agent will report
SCORING_AGENT_LICENSE_AGENT_POOL_SIZE 5 The executor threads used by the License Agent to invoke heartbeats
LICENSE_MODE ALTAIR_UNIT Enabled by default to use Altair Unit licensing. Requires *_LICENSE_AGENT_*and *_AUTH_* settings. Setting RAPIDMINER falls back to RapidMiner licensing and setting ALTAIR_STANDALONE requires a standalone Altair license file
LICENSE_LICENSE Directly set a RapidMiner license string
LICENSE_LOCATION By default, points to the parent folder where licenses reside in, e.g. $appHome/resources/licenses inside the Docker container
LOGGING_... Set logging, e.g. LOGGING_LEVEL_COM_RAPIDMINER=DEBUG for debug logs of all RapidMiner classes