Update an active deployment

An update of an active deployment can be done in three steps:

  1. Download a new deployment from RapidMiner Server
  2. Remove the currently active deployment from the Scoring Agent
  3. Upload the new version of the deployment

How to remove an active deployment is described below.

Remove a deployment

A deployment can either be removed by file operation or via REST service.

Via File

If you want to remove a deployment via file based operation you need to delete the deployment file in the $SA_HOME/home/deployments directory. If the Scoring Agent is already running you will need to restart it, as the changes will only be applied during restart.

Via REST Service

A deployment can also be removed by calling a specific REST service. The benefit of using REST is that the Agent does not need to be restarted, as the request is immediately processed. The URL of the remove deployment service is defined as http://$SA_HOST/api/v1/admin/deployments/$basePath. Where

  • $SA_HOST is the host name of the Scoring Agent (e.g. localhost:8090)
  • $folderName is path of the deployment which should be removed (e.g. score-fraud)

The following curl command will remove the deployment:

curl -X DELETE http://localhost:8090/api/v1/admin/deployments/score-fraud