Install the R Scripting extension

Make sure that the same version of the extension is installed on the RapidMiner Studio instance that you are using to create the RapidMiner Server process(es).

Follow these instructions to install and configure the R Scripting extension on RapidMiner Server:

  1. Log in to RapidMiner RapidMiner Marketplace.

  2. Search for the extension R scripting:

  3. Click Download File and accept the terms of the license agreement.

  4. Click theRapidMiner Download link to download the extension. The Save As dialog appears.

  5. Browse to the plugins directory (the path defined by the com.rapidanalytics.plugindir property setting) to save the .jar file.

  6. Next, verify that your system has the following components installed:

    • R distribution
    • R package data.table
  7. Open Administration > System Setting and add the system setting rapidminer.r_scripting.path to define the installation path. Enter the path to your RScript executable in the R installation directory as the value for the property. Be certain that the path points to the RScript executable (for Windows, RScript.exe), not the R executable (for Windows, R.exe).

  8. Click Submit.

  9. .Edit the file inside the {job-agent-home}/config/rapidminer/ directory, where {job-agent-home} means the home folder of the job agent (usually located in the home of your Server installation). If the file doesn't exist, create a new one. For more info visit the documentation for job agents. Add the propety rapidminer.r_scripting.path to the file, with the same value you used in step 7.

  10. Restart RapidMiner Server; the R Scripting extension is now available.

If you want to run processes as web services, you can skip step 9, if you want to run processes only manually, you can skip step 7.

If the R Scripting extension is installed on a connected RapidMiner Studio instance, you can now create processes with the Execute R operator and run them on your server.