Altair Units License

When RapidMiner Studio is configured to use the Altair Units License, it draws Altair Units based on the Parallel execution value defined in Preferences.

The baseline for using RapidMiner Studio is 20 Altair Units. If fewer than 20 units are available, RapidMiner Studio will provide an error message.

The baseline number of 20 Altair Units allows RapidMiner Studio to use 8 threads. If the number of threads is increased, the number of Altair Units also increases, at a rate of 5 Altair Units per thread. For example, RapidMiner Studio configured with 12 threads draws 40 Altair Units.

By default, RapidMiner Studio sets the number of threads to 0, meaning that it will use all available threads, the maximum depending either on the number of logical processors available on your machine or on the available Altair Units. You can explicitly limit the number of threads in RapidMiner Studio Preferences (Parallel execution).

Alternatively: read about the traditional RapidMiner License

Configure the Altair Units License

You can start RapidMiner Studio by connecting to an on-premise Altair license server.

To configure RapidMiner Studio to work with Altair Units License, you need to set an environment variable.

After setting the environment variable, select Settings > Manage License to see the license details:

Set the environment variable on Linux or Mac OS

You can set the environment variable on Linux or Mac OS via the command line:

export ALTAIR_LICENSE_PATH=port@hostname

Note that the default port is 6200.

Set the environment variable on Windows

Take the following steps.

  1. From the windows control panel, select System and click Advanced System Properties. Click on the Environment variables in the Advanced Tab.

  2. Click on the New button in the system variables section or in the user variables section, to add a new environment variable:

  3. Set the variable name ALTAIR_LICENSE_PATH and the variable value pointing to the location of Altair license server in the format port@hostname (the default port is 6200).