What's New in RapidMiner Studio 9.8.1?

Released: Nov 30th, 2020

The following describes the bug fixes in RapidMiner Studio 9.8.1:

New Features

  • Added new operators to delete data from Azure Cloud:
    • Delete Azure Blob Storage Resource
    • Delete Azure Data Lake Storage Resource
    • Delete Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 Resource


  • All Loop cloud operators (e.g. Loop Amazon S3, Loop Azure Blob Storage, etc) now only download a file when another operator reads its content. The memory footprint may also decrease by 50%, and unnecessary writes to the disk are avoided.


  • Continue RapidMiner Studio start if proxy discovery fails
  • Added missing Cluster attribute to metadata when applying a KMeans model via Apply Model
  • Fixed a regression in Generalized Linear Model (GLM) model training. It again accepts weighted training data
  • Auto Model Clustering showed incorrect results, ignoring training data normalization and attribute reordering
  • Fixed AbstractMethodError when using very old JDBC drivers (built for Java 6 and earlier) to connect to SQL databases
  • Fixes inconsistent parameter order and two unused parameter displayed in parameter panel of Loop Google Storage
  • Fixed result view in open source version
  • Time Series: Fixed spelling errors in help texts
  • Time Series: Fixed missing indices attribute in the meta data of Apply Forecast, if a Function and Seasonal Component Forecast model is used
  • Fixed an issue that could cause connection tests to AI Hubs running behind a federated login via KeyCloak to not properly declare credentials as invalid but instead return a weird error message.