Retrieve (RapidMiner Studio Core)


This operator reads an object from the data repository.


This operator can be used to access the repositories. It should replace all file access, since it provides full meta data processing, which eases the usage of RapidMiner a lot. In contrast to accessing a raw file, it provides the complete meta data of the data, so all meta data transformations are possible.

An easier way to load an object from the repository is to drag and drop the required object from the Repositories View. This will automatically insert a Retrieve operator with correct path of the desired object.

This operator has no input port. All it requires is a valid value in repository entry parameter.


  • output (Data Table)

    It returns the object whose path was specified in repository entry parameter.


  • repository_entry

    A valid path should be specified here in order to load an object. This parameter references an entry in the repository which will be returned as the output of this operator. Repository locations are resolved relative to the repository folder containing the current process. Folders in the repository are separated by a forward slash (/), a ".." references the parent folder. A leading forward slash references the root folder of the repository containing the current process. A leading double forward slash is interpreted as an absolute path starting with the name of a repository.

    • 'MyData' looks up an entry 'MyData' in the same folder as the current process.
    • '../Input/MyData' looks up an entry 'MyData' located in a folder 'Input' next to the folder containing the current process.
    • '/data/Model' looks up an entry 'Model' in a top-level folder 'data' in the repository holding the current process
    • '//Samples/data/Iris' looks up the Iris data set in the 'Samples' repository.

    Range: string

Tutorial Processes

Retrieving Golf from Repository

The Example Process loads Golf data set from repository. Repository entry parameter is provided with path '//Samples/data/Golf', thus Golf data set is returned from Samples repository. As it can be seen in Results Workspace, Retrieve operator loads both data and meta data.