What's New in RapidMiner Studio 6.2?

This page describes improvements in RapidMiner Studio 6.2.


  • Added operators 'Publish to App' and 'Recall from App' and a new view 'App Objects' for RapidMiner Server App manipulations
  • Resizing the attribute name column in the Statistics view of process results is now possible
  • New processes can now be saved via save button or ctrl+s
  • Improved error messages for broken custom filters in the 'Filter Examples' operator
  • Improved error message when selecting special attributes in an operator despite special attributes not being included
  • Show Git revision of RapidMiner Studio release in About window
  • Improved speed and behavior of 'Decision Tree' and 'Random Forest' operators
  • API: Introduced AbstractConfigurator which deprecates the Configurator class. The AbstractConfigurator improves parameter dependency handling for Configurables
  • API: removed Encog dependency and all deprecated classes that used Encog
  • API: Added capability to allow parallel processing inside operators

Bug fixes

  • BUGFIX: Fixes problems with single parameter selection for several Java implementations
  • BUGFIX: Fixed opening of stored results via the result history
  • BUGFIX: Operator port tooltips should no longer cover the port
  • BUGFIX: Charts should now display 'Missing' instead of '1.1.1970' for missing values in date attributes
  • BUGFIX: 'Update Database' should throw a more reasonable error message in case the database user lacks permission
  • BUGFIX: 'Neural Net' operator works again when applied on special attributes with missing values
  • BUGFIX: 'Neural Net' can no longer be applied on incompatible data
  • BUGFIX: The expression parser function round() now returns a missing value instead of 0 when applied on a missing value
  • BUGFIX: 'Sample (Bootstrapping)' operator now throws a reasonable error message in case the input example set is empty
  • BUGFIX: Moving colors in the color scheme dialog of Advanced Charts does not save duplicates anymore
  • BUGFIX: Fixed a bug which occurred when an optional password field was left empty
  • BUGFIX: Fixed overwriting an already existing file in Import Binary File Wizard
  • BUGFIX: Fixed a UI problem that occurred when a Collection with empty ExampleSets was displayed
  • BUGFIX: Fixed operator tree display in log view which is shown in case of a process error