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This section presents a high level overview of how RapidMiner Server web services can be integrated with Qlik desktop applications, namely QlikView and its newer counterpart, QlikSense. Such a setup allows you to leverage both RapidMiner analytics and Qlik visualization capabilities. The flow between the two components can, essentially, be broken down to two main steps:

  • The Qlik Application (either QlikSense or QlikView) invokes the execution of a process by means of calling a RapidMiner Server web service that was previously configured
  • RapidMiner Server executes process and returns the processed data as the web service response payload

To properly setup your Rapidminer Server and Qlik environments:

  • How to expose a process as a web service in RapidMiner Server
  • Step by step guide on how to call the web service from your QlikSense or QlikView environment and consume the returned data