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What's new in RapidMiner Server 9.4

Dear RapidMiner User,

This release has great new features, especially for administrators. Some nice improvements that will make your lives easier.

Store and Manage AutoModel deployments in RapidMiner Server

The new Model Ops capabilities allow you to create, prepare and deploy your models. Follow the fully automated data science path: from TurboPrep to AutoModel and, then, with Model Ops, deploy your results in RapidMiner Server.

RapidMiner Server stores the deployments and publishes the models as Web Services, so they become available for scoring. However, you only need to use the RapidMiner Studio guided path to manage it.

Read more here.

Benefit from improved job management capabilities

Regain control if users over-utilize RapidMiner Server by sending too many long-running jobs.

  • Multiple jobs can be filtered, selected and stopped.

Ensure constant system performance and usability through an automatic clean up of outdated jobs.

  • Jobs lists can be periodically cleaned up to de-clutter job lists and limit disk storage needs.
  • Footprints of jobs that have a specific (configurable) age are automatically removed .


Enhanced logging to check who changed what and when

Keep track of the changes made the different members of the team with the new audit logs that have been added to the scheduler actions.

Enhancements and bug fixes