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What's new in RapidMiner Server 9.5

Dear RapidMiner User,

This release has great new features, especially in regard to the job execution.

Instant execution in Server

We have drastically improved latency in Server executions. Run short jobs 10x faster than before! New use cases with high-frequency schedules are solvable in this new version.

Persistent Job Container

Due to architecture changes in the Job Agent, ensure to adjust your setup when using multiple Job Agents on a single shared machine.

Easily manage Docker-based RapidMiner installations

The new RapidMiner Docker Deployment Manager provides an easy-to-use web interface to scale the number of Job Containers in your environment, re-configure or restart any component without any need for admin skills. It's available as a Docker component and added by default in our public AWS and Azure Cloud instances of RapidMiner Server 9.5.

Docker Deployment Manager

Zero-click Python deployment environment

Our users who deploy Server using Docker containers (either with docker-compose or Kubernetes), can now enjoy a pre-configured Python deployment environment. This means that everything is baked into the Docker images of Job Agents that's needed for successful execution of RapidMiner processes containing "Execute Python" operators. Just run your process on Server and the Python environment will be detected and used to run your Python code seamlessly. We've also added the Python Environment Manager, which takes care of syncing your custom Python environment to all Job Agents in your Docker-based Server deployment.

Python Environment Manager

Full control of SLAs on queues - limit the lifetime of jobs

Control your job queues and make sure your Server time is spent in the best way. Now you can define a maximum execution time for jobs, so that, if jobs fail to finish on time, they won't saturate the queues and affect the SLAs defined for others. It's now easier to create reliable execution windows in shared environments.

Schedule Editor

Server settings via API

Fully automate Server deployments by programmatically editing the settings to your chosen values.

Enhancements and bug fixes