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RapidMiner and Python

We have created some very useful tools to ease the interaction and collaboration between the Python world and the RapidMiner world. When combined, these two stacks can solve usecases that would be hard or impossible to do with just one of them. Depending on the use-case, you may find one of the below tools very useful.

  • the Python Scripting Extension is needed in any of these scenarios:

    • you find it easier or more convenient to write a data prep step or a modeling step as Python code
    • you want to reuse a piece of Python code that a colleague has created
    • you want to extend RapidMiner with a cutting edge Python library
  • the python-rapidminer Python library is needed in any of these scenarios:

    • you want to leverage data stored and prepped in a RapidMiner repository or project
    • you want to run a process built in RapidMiner and use its output as an input in your code
  • the JupyterHub integration is needed in any of these scenarios:

    • your company has adopted the RapidMiner platform and you wish to keep working in a Notebook environment
    • you are collaborating with others using a RapidMiner project
    • you need to use a dataset stored in a RapidMiner Server repository for your Notebook based project
    • you need the output of a RapidMiner process as an input for your Notebook based project