What's New in Radoop 10.4?

Released: April 25, 2024

Score your models using Spark

Radoop 10.4.0 is released to offer Spark based model scoring operator in the extension.

The new "Apply Model (Spark)" operator scores data in your cluster using Spark. This operator is designed to be interchangeable with the existing "Apply Model" operator, making it easy to add into your existing or new workflows. By offering both Spark and Hive options for data scoring, you can optimize performance based on your specific data requirements.

This new operator brings the Model scoring functionality for users with Hadoop clusters that do not support Hive on Java 11, such as EMR 5.x, EMR 6.x, HDInsight 4.x, and 5.x.

Consider changing your existing worklfows now if you are using general applier functionality of the "Apply Model" operator as it will become unsupported in coming AI Studio version.


Radoop 10.4.0 requires Altair AI Studio and Altair AI Hub version 10.2.0 (or later) to function properly. Additionally, due to the Java 11 requirement on the cluster side, Radoop 10.4.0 requires Hive 3.x to run on the Java 11 JVM. Both a Java 11 JVM and Spark 3.x need to be available on all computational nodes. Spark Model scoring functionality requires Hive Warehouse Connector on the cluster.

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