You are viewing the RapidMiner Server documentation for version 8.0 - Check here for latest version


The new version of RapidMiner Server offers a REST API to manage the execution layer programmatically. In order to use the API, you are required to be authenticated and authorized via JSON Web Tokens (JWTs).

Create a JWT

Use the following RapidMiner Server REST endpoint to create a JWT:

[GET] $RMServerHost/api/rest/tokenservice

where $RMServerHost is the IP Address or host name of your RapidMiner Server instance. The request needs to be authorized via Basic Auth, use your RapidMiner Server credentials to do so. If the request was successfully executed, you will get the following response body:

    "idToken": "<tokenContent>",
    "expirationDate": "<epochSeconds>"

Use the value of idToken to authorize your requests. The expirationDate indicates how long the JWT is valid. Once the token expires, you will need to create a new one by repeating the steps described above.

curl -u username:password $RMServerHost/api/rest/tokenservice


  • $RMServerHost is the address of your RapidMiner Server instance
  • username is the name of the user which should be used
  • password is the password of the user

Job Service API

The REST API documentation of the Job Service is available as Swagger 2.0 specification and is published on SwaggerHub.