You are viewing the RapidMiner Server documentation for version 9.2 - Check here for latest version

RapidMiner Server cloud images

RapidMiner Server cloud images are available for the following platforms. For details, choose a marketplace.

The preinstalled images include:

  • RapidMiner Server,
  • an embedded PostgreSQL database,
  • and the most common extensions.

From within an AWS or Azure account, these images can be fired up in minutes. There are two approaches to the license:

  1. Bring Your Own License (BYOL): use a RapidMiner license that you have already purchased, or

  2. Pay As You Go (PAYG): pay for the license as an add-on to the AWS/Azure cost.

Launch a RapidMiner Server instance in the same way as any other instance on the Azure or AWS marketplaces, by selecting the appropriate AMI / Virtual Machine in the Launch Wizard.

After the AMI / Virtual Machine is ready, you can use RapidMiner Server in the same way as on-premise installations. Start by connecting RapidMiner Studio to the remote repository.

To learn more about the cloud images, including configuration and logs, see the image architecture page.