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License limits

This article will focus on explaining the license limits and how to handle them. Once Server is installed and running, you can inspect the active license limits using the Administration > Manage Licenses navigation menu within the RapidMiner Server web application.

What are logical processor limits

RapidMiner Server and each Job Container make use of RapidMiner Studio to execute processes. Some operators of RapidMiner Studio are able to perform the computation of complex tasks in a parallel way. For every parallel execution a new thread will be created which can be processed by a logical processor. The number of logical processors and thus the maximum number of threads is limited by your license and can also be specified in the System Settings (rapidminer.general.number_of_threads) and in the file of the Job Agent (/config/ Some license versions of RapidMiner Server also restrict the number of global concurrently running processes to one. If the license limit is not displayed the active license is not bound to any limit.

The execution of Web Services is also limited by the number of logical processors available (as limited by your license). You can also configure the maximum number of threads for each web service call in the System Settings (com.rapidanalytics.webservices.concurrency).

What are memory limits

RapidMiner Server and each Job Container uses a specified amount of memory. The max memory setting is bound to your license and is defined during installation. In case of RapidMiner Server the setting is persisted in the max-memory.conf file. If you start RapidMiner Server with a memory settings which exceeds your license limit, the following web page will be displayed. At this point you can either provide a license which fits your needs or reduce the memory settings and restart RapidMiner Server.

The number of spawned Job Containers and the memory per Job Container can be configured within the file of the Job Agent (/home/config/ You need to take care that the total memory consumption does not exceed your license limits, or the Job Agent won't start. If an old license expires while the Job Agent is running, and the total memory consumption exceeds the new license limits, the Job Agent will drop jobs. The formula for calculating the total memory is: Number of spawned Job Containers x Memory per Job Container.

What are web service limits

RapidMiner Server is able to expose processes as web services. These web services can then be utilized by clients or other services to solve arbitrary tasks. The amount of allowed web service calls per day is bound to your license. To display the number of processed calls visit the Manage License or the Services page. If the license limit is not displayed the active license is not bound to any limit.