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Using the MySQL Connector/J (JDBC driver)

RapidMiner Studio comes bundled with the MariaDB Connector/J – a driver that allows to connect to both MariaDB and MySQL databases. If you want to connect to MySQL databases using the official driver, you need to manually download and configure the MySQL Connector/J.

This article will walk you through how to:

Install the MySQL JDBC Connector/J

  1. Download the latest MySQL Connector/J from the official MySQL website.

    Both the compressed TAR archive and the ZIP archive will work.

  2. The connector itself is a single file named mysql-connector-java-X.X.XX-bin.jar. Extract this file from the downloaded archive to a location on your hard drive that is accessible from RapidMiner Studio.

  3. In RapidMiner Studio, open the Manage Database Drivers dialog from the Connections menu.

  4. Click on Save Icon Add to create a new entry with the following properties:

    Select the connector extracted in the second step as Jar file.

    Please pay special attention to the correct URL prefix and Driver class (an incorrect class might be selected by default).

  5. Close the dialog by clicking on Save Icon Save.

Check which connector is used

To check whether the MariaDB Connector/J or the MySQL Connector/J is used, open the Show Database Drivers… dialog from the Connections menu:

If the driver classes for both the bundled and the newly created connectors is com.mysql.jdbc.Driver the MySQL Connector/J is being used. If it is org.mariadb.jdbc.Driver, the bundled MariaDB Connector/J is used.