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Custom Radoop Proxy Installation

You can enable Radoop Proxy throughout the RapidMiner Server installation process. However, if for some reason you wish to install it later on, or just run it manually (e.g. on another machine), follow this guide.

Adding Radoop Proxy to RapidMiner Server startup process

  1. Edit the file bin/standalone.conf[.bat] in the RapidMiner Server installation directory. Find the line containing RADOOP_PROXY_ENABLED property, and modify it:


    If RapidMiner Server is registered as a Windows service, apply the changes to bin/service.bat as well.

  2. If necessary, modify the port used by Radoop Proxy in radoop-proxy/ in the RapidMiner Server installation directory. The properties are explained below.

  3. After you saved the modifications, restart RapidMiner Server.

Relocating and starting Radoop Proxy manually

  1. Find data/radoop-proxy/radoop-proxy-X.X.X in the unzipped installer package. Move this zip file to the required target location.

    Note: If you have already installed RapidMiner Server, you can also find the unzipped content in radoop-proxy in the installation directory.

  2. Unzip Radoop Proxy package, and open file for modification. Modify the fields accordingly:

     # port where the proxy server listens
     # SSL connections enabled
     # keystore that stores private key of proxy server, necessary if SSL enabled
     # password to open the keysore
     # authentication methods offered (can use multiple separated by comma):
     # server - 
     #   use server setup for authentication (db/ldap) 
     #   (using serverAuthentication* parameters for server connection)
     # jwt - 
     #   use server setup SAML connection and JWT tokens 
     #   for authentication (using serverAuthentication* parameters for server connection)
     # superuser - 
     #   use static username/password established with below properties superuser* properties
     # location of RapidMiner server to connect to for authenication mode 'jwt' and 'server'
     # superuser authentication
     # workers thread pool size
  3. Change to bin directory. Issue the following command to start up or halt Radoop Proxy:

             radoop-proxy[.bat] [start/stop]

If RapidMiner Server uses https authentication, see the related Security page.

See RapidMiner Server Users and groups for understanding what authentication method RapidMiner Server is configured to support.

The Radoop Proxy associated with a Radoop Connection is automatically disabled when a RapidMiner Radoop process is executed on RapidMiner Server. In this case, make sure to enable ‘Force Radoop Proxy on Server’ by editing the Radoop Connection in question. Further information can be found on the Radoop installation on Server page.