You are viewing the RapidMiner Go documentation for version 9.5 - Check here for latest version

About RapidMiner Go

RapidMiner Go is a rapid visual prototyping and deployment tool for data scientists.

You can use it to build predictive models.

What can you do in RapidMiner Go:

  • upload your data in csv or xlsx format
  • select your target feature
  • select your input features to use in modelling
  • train classification or regression models automatically
  • compare and evaluate your models based on various metrics and charts
  • export charts, tables
  • export a complete RapidMiner process that can be imported into RapidMiner Studio
  • deploy one or more of the resulting models in the cloud
  • score new dataset manually by uploading a new csv file
  • download scored data as Excel file
  • score new dataset by sending JSON formatted data to a REST endpoint

Install on-premise

RapidMiner Go can be installed on-premise using Docker.