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This operator will save the given model to an XML file of PMML 4.0 format.


This operator will write the given model to an XML file of PMML 4.0 format. This format is a standard for data mining models and is understood by many data bases. It can be used for applying data mining models directly in the database. This way it can be applied on a regular basis on huge amounts of data. This operator supports the following models:
  • Decision Tree Models
  • Rule Models
  • Naive Bayes models for nominal attributes
  • Linear Regression Models
  • Logistic Regression Models
  • Centroid based Cluster models like models of k-means and k-medoids


  • model input (Model)

    The model input port.


  • model output (Model)

    The model output port.


  • fileSpecifies the file for saving the pmml. Range:
  • versionDetermines which PMML version should be used for export. Range: