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Python Library

RapidMiner provides a Python library on GitHub that allows you to call the RapidMiner platform from Python. You can collaborate with others using the RapidMiner repository, run processes from Python scripts, and leverage the scalable infrastructure of RapidMiner Server.

We encourage you to check this package out to help with any of the following use cases. The installation is a one-liner using the Python package manager pip.

The package is especially useful if you:

  • work locally on the same data in RapidMiner and in Python.
  • need to reuse business logic that exists in a RapidMiner process in Python.
  • develop Python code snippets that you may later use in a RapidMiner process. You can access the input data directly from your local RapidMiner repository without any additional export / import step.
  • are using Python primarily, but want to collaborate with colleagues using the RapidMiner platform. You can easily share any kind of data via the RapidMiner Server repository.
  • plan to leverage the scalable RapidMiner Server infrastructure directly from Python.
  • want to call a deployed Real-Time Scoring service directly from Python.

Here are some code examples per use-case: