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Read Stata (Advanced File Connectors)


This operator can read Stata data files.


This operator can read Stata files. Currently only Stata files of version 113 or 114 are supported.


  • file (File)

    This optional port expects a file object.


  • output (IOObject)

    Data from the Stata file is delivered through this port mostly in form of an ExampleSet.


  • filenameName of the file to read the data from. Range: filename
  • datamanagementDetermines, how the data is represented internally. Range: selection
  • attribute_naming_modeDetermines which variable properties should be used for attribute naming. Range: selection
  • handle_value_labelsSpecifies how to handle attributes with value labels, i.e. whether to ignore the labels or how to use them. Range: selection
  • sample_ratioThe fraction of the data set which should be read (1 = all; only used if sample_size = -1) Range: real
  • sample_sizeThe exact number of samples which should be read (-1 = all; if not -1, sample_ratio will not have any effect) Range: integer
  • use_local_random_seedIndicates if a local random seed should be used. Range: boolean
  • local_random_seedSpecifies the local random seed Range: integer