You are viewing the RapidMiner Scoring-agent documentation for version 9.7 - Check here for latest version

Upload a deployment

The deployment file which has been downloaded from RapidMiner Server can either be installed via file or via REST service.

Via File

If you want to install via file based operation you need to copy the deployment file to the $SA_HOME/home/deployments directory. If the Scoring Agent is already running you will need to restart it, as the deployments will only picked up during start.

Via REST Service

A deployment can also be installed by calling a specific REST service. The benefit of using REST is that the Agent does not need to be restarted, as the deployment is immediately processed. The URL of the deployment service is defined as http://$SA_HOST/admin/deployments, where

  • $SA_HOST is the host name of the Scoring Agent (e.g. localhost:8090)

and an example curl command is:

curl -F file=@"/" http://localhost:8090/admin/deployments

What's next?

After a deployment has been successfully installed, the Scoring Agent will expose web services which allow to score data.