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Provision of an Administration Configuration


The following options are tried in the order they appear on this page.

RapidMiner Studio startup will fail if a provided Administration Configuration cannot be read or contains invalid settings.

1. Windows Registry

Windows Administrators can provide the config under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\RapidMiner\RapidMiner Studio\Config as REG_SZ (String values) pairs.

Edit Windows Registry to enforce settings.
Edit Windows Registry to enforce settings.

2. Installation Folder

If no Config Registry folder exists the installation root directory is checked for a rapidminer-studio-settings.cfg file. This is the RapidMiner folder on Mac OS X and RapidMiner Studio on all other operating systems. The default installation folder on Windows is C:\Program Files\RapidMiner\RapidMiner Studio. Make sure that users have read-only access to this file.

3. Environment Variable

A local path or an URL to an config file can be provided under the RAPIDMINER_ENFORCE_CONFIG environment variable. The environment variable is only read once on startup, changes to it require a RapidMiner Studio restart.

File format

Unless the Windows Registry is used, the configuration must be provided as a Java properties file, which is a simple text file with key = values pairs in each line.

# Lines that start with # or ! are ignored  

# Reload the admin configuration every minute
rapidminer.admin_config.refetch_seconds = 60

# Entries over multiple lines with \

Basic settings

Config location

An external config location can be defined under rapidminer.admin_config.location. If this parameter is set only the referenced configuration will be used, all other settings are ignored. A referenced configuration can not reference another configuration.

# Use the linked configuration instead of this one

Refetch rate

By default the Administration Configuration is read on startup and refetched every hour. The setting rapidminer.admin_config.refetch_seconds can be adjusted within a range of 60 to 2147483647.

Further settings

Go to the Settings page to see all the possible settings.