You are viewing the RapidMiner Go documentation for version 9.9 - Check here for latest version

About RapidMiner Go

RapidMiner Go is a web application tool for anyone who wants to better understand their data. Designed for business analysts, RapidMiner Go will quickly guide you through the process of evaluating your data and using it to make predictions. Before you know it, you'll be driving business impact!

RapidMiner Go is also an integral part of the RapidMiner platform, helping business analysts and data scientists to collaborate more effectively when building models.

What can you do in RapidMiner Go:

  • upload your data in csv or xlsx format
  • select your target feature
  • select your input features to use in modelling
  • train classification or regression models automatically
  • compare and evaluate your models based on various metrics and charts
  • export charts, tables
  • export a complete RapidMiner process that can be imported into RapidMiner Studio
  • deploy one or more of the resulting models in the cloud
  • score new dataset manually by uploading a new csv file
  • download scored data as Excel file
  • score new dataset by sending JSON formatted data to a REST endpoint

Install on-premise

RapidMiner Go can be installed on-premise using Docker.