Enterprise use cases

The following examples describe real-life use cases for Altair AI Hub.

  • A delivery company puts their models to work and, thanks to the lightning-fast Real Time Scoring Agent, they can predict storage needs and estimated arrival times exactly when they need them.

  • A consulting company provides their data science knowledge to customers, while guaranteeing the highest security standards and performance. With Altair AI Hub, they are able to deploy their own solutions anywhere, in a standard, repeatable manner, while relying on a secure, enterprise-ready platform.

  • A chemical company predicts the quality of their products without the need for frequent, expensive laboratory measurements. Their models are automatically retrained, and if the new model proves to be better than the old one, it is immediately deployed. The system is self-evolving and self-maintaining.

  • A bank automates the re-training and batch scoring of large amounts of transactional data in their Hadoop environments, using Altair AI Hub to orchestrate the work.

  • A car manufacturer democratizes data science tools, making them available to thousands of their engineers, by collaborating on Altair AI Hub. Multiple users with heterogeneous skills (coders, non-coders, pure data scientists, engineers, end-users, etc.) can share their processes and knowledge so that, at each step, the right people are making the decisions.

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