What's New in RapidMiner AI Hub 10.3?

Released: 1st November 2023

If you are not on version 10 already, please ensure to read the Upgrade from AI Hub 9 migration instructions!

AI Hub 10.3 comes with significant improvements related to Web API Endpoints by providing metric-based load balancing, retrieving Web API Agent logs via user interface, the capability of AI Hub to be monitored based on Prometheus exposed metrics and improvements to the user interface.

Web API Endpoints

In 10.2 we've introduced Web API Endpoints which expose RapidMiner processes via REST endpoints. The Web API Gateway is responsible for routing to the underlying workers (Web API Agents).

Smarter load balancing

With 10.3.0, the Web API Gateway components now uses a metrics-based approach to route requests to Web API Agents depending on their current resource usage, making them smarter to manage the workload the systems are facing. In addition, the Gateway will automatically re-try failed requests when it received internal errors, e.g., a connection error.

By default, smarter load balancing is enabled using a ranking of used memory and CPU resources of the underlying Web API Agents per Web API Group. It can be fine-tuned to your needs by adapting the policies applied to the Web API Gateway. For more information, please have a look into the configuration table of the Web API Gateway.

Log retrieval of Web API Agents via user interface

In addition to smarter load balancing, AI Hub's web interface has been improved to show logs of connected Web API Agents.



Reliability of Endpoint distribution

We've significantly improved how deployments are distributed to Web API Agents. Unlike previous versions of Endpoints, 10.3.0 will now process all deployments regardless if there are errors during creation of other deployments leading to more stability and robustness.

Prometheus metrics

With 10.3.0, all AI Hub core applications now support exposing metrics via a Prometheus endpoint. This allows you to monitor resource usage and define alerts to get notified of unexpected behavior.

For more information on how to get started, please see the monitoring section.


We've implemented several improvements covering resizable columns for all tables of the web interface, improvements to messaging around Endpoints tooltips, enhancements for filtering options during Endpoint creation and on the Endpoints overview page.

There are also other changes going into this release. For a more detailed changelog, please see 10.3.0.