Installing Radoop Proxy on the Cluster

Radoop Proxy is a component of Radoop that is installed on the Hadoop cluster side, typically by the cluster administrator.

Using Cloudera Parcel distribution

Radoop Proxy can be installed on any node within the cluster that has a fully functioning spark-submit CLI. This prerequisite is ensured by Cloudera Manager.

Download URLs

Version Parcel Repository CSD
latest CSD
2.0.0 CSD-2.0.0
1.x These versions were not available as a parcel ...

Commands for the master node

The following commands are adapted from the Cloudera Documentation and are designed to install a CSD for Radoop Proxy. These commands are used to download the necessary CSD JAR file, move it to the appropriate directory, adjust permissions, and restart the Cloudera Manager server.

sudo mv RADOOP_PROXY_CSD-latest.jar /opt/cloudera/csd/
sudo chown cloudera-scm:cloudera-scm RADOOP_PROXY_CSD-latest.jar
sudo chmod 644 RADOOP_PROXY_CSD-2.0.0.jar
sudo service cloudera-scm-server restart

Installation of Radoop Proxy service via Cloudera Manager

The following tutorial video guides a Hadoop admin through the process of installation.

Using Standalone distribution

Radoop Proxy is also available as a standalone zip file, which can be launched as a Java application after extraction. For additional information, please reach out to our support team.