What's new in RapidMiner Radoop 10.3

Released: November 1, 2023

Radoop 10.3 is released to make Radoop more accessible to new users by eliminating the manual steps needed to work with your Hadoop clusters.

Radoop Connection - set up once and use by many

The improved connection setup allows admin users to create a secure connection that can be used by multiple end users "out of the box", without the need of additional setup on the end user computer. This enables data scientists to focus on creating and running Radoop workflows, saving them the time and the need for technical knowledge for manual cacert and DNS setup.

For increased security consider using our AI Hub Vault solution to inject the individual Kerberos credentials for Hadoop end-users.


RapidMiner Radoop 10.3.1 requires RapidMiner Studio 10.2.0 or newer. When used in AI Hub executions, Radoop 10.3.1 requires RapidMiner AI Hub 10.2.0 or newer.

Full list of enhancements and bug fixes