What's new in RapidMiner Radoop 10.0

With this release, Radoop has followed the rest of the RapidMiner platform to adopt Java 11. This has important consequences on the currently available feature set, please read on to understand the implications and whether we recommend upgrading to this version.

Please do not upgrade to Radoop 10.0 if you are using Pushdown operators in your processes. Read more for details below.

Java 11 compatibility

With the 10.0 release, platform has moved to Java 11. This change is not backwards compatible, which means that RapidMiner will not run in a Java 8 based JVM. This impacts how Radoop can interact with a Hadoop cluster, whether the cluster is running on Java 8 or Java 11.

Connecting to a Hadoop cluster via a Radoop connection works as expected. Hive operators, as well as scripting operators should work the same after an upgrade. We have verified that these operators work both on Java 8 and Java 11 based clusters.

Pushdown operators are not supported for now. This is due to the set of Spark versions that Radoop currently supports: none of the Spark versions currently supported by Radoop run on Java 11. As a consequence, we cannot execute Pushdown operators since these would have to run RapidMiner code which only runs on Java 11. Spark 3 support, where this would be solved, will be implemented in a subsequent Radoop release. In case a process is opened which contains the affected operators, RapidMiner Studio will display a design time warning and process execution will be prevented. Affected processes will not be altered.

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