Provision of an Administration Configuration


The following options are tried in the order they appear on this page.

RapidMiner Studio startup will fail if a provided Administration Configuration cannot be read or contains invalid settings.

1. Windows Registry

Windows Administrators can provide the config under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\RapidMiner\RapidMiner Studio\Config as REG_SZ (String values) pairs.

Edit Windows Registry to enforce settings.

2. Installation Folder

If no Config Registry folder exists the installation root directory is checked for a rapidminer-studio-settings.cfg file. This is the RapidMiner folder on Mac OS X and RapidMiner Studio on all other operating systems. The default installation folder on Windows is C:\Program Files\RapidMiner\RapidMiner Studio. Make sure that users have read-only access to this file.

3. Environment Variable

A local path or an URL to an config file can be provided under the RAPIDMINER_ENFORCE_CONFIG environment variable. The environment variable is only read once on startup, changes to it require a RapidMiner Studio restart.

File format

Unless the Windows Registry is used, the configuration must be provided as a Java properties file, which is a simple text file with key = values pairs in each line.

# Lines that start with # or ! are ignored  

# Reload the admin configuration every minute
rapidminer.admin_config.refetch_seconds = 60

# Entries over multiple lines with \

Basic settings

Config location

An external config location can be defined under rapidminer.admin_config.location. If this parameter is set only the referenced configuration will be used, all other settings are ignored. A referenced configuration can not reference another configuration.

# Use the linked configuration instead of this one

Refetch rate

By default the Administration Configuration is read on startup and refetched every hour. The setting rapidminer.admin_config.refetch_seconds can be adjusted within a range of 60 to 2147483647.

Further settings

Go to the Settings page to see all the possible settings.