RapidMiner and Python

Run Python code within a RapidMiner process

RapidMiner provides the Python Scripting extension, including the Operator Execute Python, so that you can run Python code within a RapidMiner process. The popular Python library pandas handles the ExampleSets as DataFrame objects.

Read more: Install the Python Scripting extension:

Call RapidMiner Studio from Python

RapidMiner provides an open source Python library so that you can call RapidMiner Studio from Python. You can interact with a repository you have defined in Studio and run processes locally as well.

The following code snippet demonstrates how easy it is to start RapidMiner Studio using the library. To learn more, see the API documentation of the package on GitHub.

import rapidminer
rm = rapidminer.Studio()
myinput = rm.read_resource("//Local Repository/data/myinput")
training_dataset_sample = rm.run_process("//Local Repository/processes/preprocess", inputs=[myinput])

Make sure you have the Python Scripting extension downloaded from the Marketplace and installed.

To learn about all the integration and collaboration possibilities between RapidMiner and Python, go here.