Using the Communication Extension to Send Text Messages

The Communication extension allows you to send text messages directly from RapidMiner to a provided mobile number. This is helpful to directly reach people with no or only limited Internet connectivity or users outside your organization.

Install the Communication Extension

To install the extension, go to the Extensions menu, open the RapidMiner Marketplace (Updates and Extensions), and search for Communication Extension. For more detail, see Adding extensions.

Get API Access Tokens

The extension requires an account with a 3rd party API provided by vonage ( Once you have created an account, you can log in and directly see the API key and secret tokens.


Please note, that for testing purposes you can send only messages to the phone number you initially provided when creating your account. When you add additional credits, you can send messages to arbitrary numbers. The actual prices can vary by country, but on average a message costs a few cents.

RapidMiner has no affiliation with the provided services.

To create a working Vonage Connection object in the repository, the key and secret tokens must be entered here.


Sending a Text Message from RapidMiner

Once the connection is set up, it can be used in combination with the Send Text Message (SMS) operator to send a text message from a RapidMiner process.

This operator takes a mobile phone number and a text message as input parameters. On execution it will to send the message to the provided number using the credentials from the connection object. You can also specify a sender name to identify yourself.

As an example use case, the status prediction of predictive maintenance model could directly be send to the phone of a machine operator onside. RapidMiner macros can be very helpful to customize the message.