Getting started with Altair AI Studio

Probably the best way to learn how to use Altair AI Studio is the hands-on approach: Download Altair AI Studio, and study the bundled tutorials. Once you've looked at the tutorials, follow one of the suggestions provided on the Start Page. Here are some additional hints:

Alternatively, you can accelerate the learning process (and your model building) by using a guided approach.


Step-by-step tutorials are activated the first time you open Altair AI Studio. It's a good idea to read the introduction and take the guided tour.

Welcome to AI Studio

Later, you can reopen the tutorials by selecting File > New Process, and choosing the Learn tab.

AI Studio Learn tab

The Learn tab links to the following additional material:

The Start Page

Once you've studied the tutorials, you can decide on your next step with the help of the Start Page:

  • If you want additional guidance, or you want to accelerate your data preparation and model building, try Turbo Prep, Altair AI Studio's tool for interactive data preparation, and Auto Model, Altair AI Studio's solution for automated machine learning.
  • If you want to see more examples, choose from one of the templates in the Samples Repository.
  • If you want to do it yourself, create a new (blank) process from scratch in the Design View.

You can open the Start Page at any time by selecting File > New Process.

AI Studio start page